Learn to recognize success


  1. Pick two people that represent success and failure.
    These can be famous people, or they could be people in your life. Select one person you aspire to be like and one you feel has not achieved their goals in life.
  2. Find out what made them a success or failure.
    Next, do your research and find out what made them a success or failure. Did they take risks? Did they give up in the face of adversity or work even harder? What kind of people did they surround themselves with? Find out as many facts about their lives as possible and start picking apart their differences. This helps you pinpoint what made one person successful while the other failed.
  3. Notice how they deal with fear.
    You should notice a common thread; the successful person did not let fear rule them. They took risks in their professional and personal lives. They weren’t scared of losing everything if the gamble didn’t pay off. They didn’t fear criticism; instead, they took it on board and used it.


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