Learn to read even faster.

Increasing your reading rate and comprehension will literally double your studying potential, and strengthen your brain and memory.


  1. Read comfortably for four minutes.
    Set an alarm that will go off when your time is up. Mark the line when your alarm goes off. This is going to be your finish line.

  2. Now set your alarm for three minutes.
    The goal here is to reach the finish line before the alarm goes off at three minutes.

  3. Set your alarm for two minutes.
    Don’t worry about comprehension. Try to get the finish line before your alarm goes off. Use a visual pacer and go through line by line. Have your eyes follow your finger as fast as possible.

  4. Final stretch: Set your timer for one minute.
    Do your best to get to the finish line in one minute. Don’t skip a line and don’t worry about comprehension right now.

  5. Now breathe. Set your timer for two minutes. Start from your finish line to read a new section.
    Read at a comfortable rate with comprehension. At the end of the two minutes, count the number of lines you read, multiply the number of words per line, then divide this number by two. This is your new reading rate.

Keep practicing steps 1–5 periodically until you can comfortably push your reading rate to nearly 400 words per minute with comprehension.


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