Learn to have fun


  1. Play some music to boost your mood.
    Start listening to music while you’re cooking, doing house chores, driving around, exercising, or even if you’re just relaxing in your garden.
  2. Learn to quiet your space.
    Prioritize living in a quiet environment by replacing your windows to isolate your house. Spend time in naturally quiet places like parks and avoid noisy places such as crowded restaurants and coffee shops.
  3. Get a massage.
    Getting a professional massage doesn’t have to be a luxury. Get a massage membership or take a class with friends or your partner. You can even have a massage date night where you apply what you learned to each other.
  4. Get into Aromatherapy.
    Before attending an aromatherapy session, consult your physician and seek a professional. Learning to choose the right products is key - for example, lavender essential oils relax your nervous system, treat insomnia and migraines.
  5. Get into crafts. 
    Start doing hands-on activities: cook for yourself instead of ordering food or going out, create a special present instead of buying a gift, make puzzles or LEGOs. Get creative and enjoy the process and the results. 
  6. Spend time outside.
    There are plenty of ways you can include outdoor activities: morning walks to wake up your mind, picnics in the park, exercising outside, and having a lunch break outside your office.


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