Work on your projects efficiently.

Follow all these steps and you will gain a deep understanding of your project. This will help you identify the steps you need to take in order to complete it successfully. Plus, these steps will give you the motivation to keep working hard!


  1. Organize all the information you have that is relevant to your project.
    You can either do this in the physical copy (i.e., in physical files) or digital copy (i.e., as documents on your computer). When organizing, remember to identify and categorize the significant information by components, sequences, or priorities.

  2. Come up with the next-action.
    This refers to the action you will take next to work toward completing your project. If you can complete it within two minutes, do it immediately. If not, set a time on your calendar to complete it or delegate it to someone else (keep a record of this!).

  3. If you’ve marked action on your calendar, specify whether it’s a time-specific event, a day-specific event, or day-specific information.
    Day-specific information here refers to any information you will need about your event—for example, directions to an appointment, activities that a member of your family/staff will be involved in, etc.

  4. Define your project’s outcome from the start.
    Make sure you are aware of your end-goal.


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