Learn to deliver bad news.

It’s very easy to deliver bad news horribly. If you don’t think about what the other person is thinking, you can make a lot of mistakes with your message. As a result, they will connect the negative words and feelings with you.


  1. If you can, choose the place and time to deliver bad news. Ideally, they should be as comfortable for the other person as possible.
    Do whatever you can to increase their comfort.

  2. If you can wait 24 hours before delivering the news, do so.
    It will make you more relaxed and thoughtful.

  3. Body language is the key. Deliver the news in a warm way, using care, concern, understanding, and empathy.
    Your body language is far more important than your words.

  4. Show the person that you understand them.
    Demonstrate as much kindness charisma as you can.

  5. Follow these steps:

    1. Get yourself into the right state.
      Access compassion so you can show it through your body language.
    2. Put yourself in their shoes.
      Imagine with vivid details what they are thinking and feeling.
    3. Imagine both of you with angel wings.
    4. Focus on a compassionate phrase.
      Such as, “Just love as much as you can from wherever you are.”
    5. Convey empathy through your facial expression, your tone of voice, and your words.


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