Learn to deal with difficult people.

Dealing with difficult people may require a few more strategies to use on top of what you’ve already learned about charisma.


Try one of the following techniques:

  1. Use the strategy “Divide and Conquer,” when you have to convince a group of people.
    Instead of trying to convince the whole group of people at once, meet with each of them separately, and adjust your charisma depending on the person. You have different charisma styles at your disposal, they can work miracles if used with the proper people.

  2. Use the “Ben Franklin Effect” technique.
    Instead of doing a favor for someone, ask for a favor. When people do a favor for you, their brain rationalizes the effort to mean that they like you. For example, you can ask for advice (note that this might not work if you only ask for their opinion).

  3. Express honest appreciation.
    It has to really be honest (otherwise, it can work in reverse). People to whom you show your appreciation will start seeing you as someone they helped create. This special feeling of ownership will make them feel more responsible for you.

  4. When you deal with a very difficult person, go into a space of empathy and stay there.
    Dealing with a very difficult person can activate your stress system. The best way to deal with it is not to fight it but to go into a state of empathy.


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