Learn to deal with common obstacles while meditating.

When you learn the basics of meditation, take it a step further and learn how to deal with common obstacles. Meditation is easy to start—it’s simple—but our body and our thoughts are not easy to embrace. It takes time to feel the benefits of meditation, and it also takes time to learn how to meditate with full potential.

There is no such thing as bad meditation. Meditation is always good, even if you have many thoughts in your head and cannot center your mind with your body. In fact, because of meditation, you will learn how to control your mind and how to feel your body.


  1. Sit in a position that will reduce your pain.
    You might have a pain in your back, legs, or other part of your body. Light pain can work to your advantage, because it can help you center your mind with you body. However, bigger pain will distract you too much.

  2. Don’t be sleepy.
    When you are sleepy while meditating, your brain will be heavy, drifting, and you can even fall asleep. Make sure that you sleep enough at night, and you can also take a nap during the day.

  3. Reduce your number of thoughts.
    Sometimes we have too many thoughts, and this makes meditation very difficult. The best thing you can do is to sit with these restless thoughts and feelings and be mindful of them. Don't try to change them, but just let them exist in their own space. One thing that can make your brain overactive is coffee or medicine. Meditating after drinking coffee is very difficult.

  4. Boredom is a positive thing.
    If you're feeling bored, that means you're onto something. It means you're not entertaining yourself with daydreams and thoughts or caught up in a hopped-up experience of “meditative” bliss.

  5. Practice consistently.
    It takes time until you will see effects of meditation. Don’t skip even one day, as it may lead to skipping the next one as well.

  6. Don’t force it.
    Be gentle with yourself and with your attention. Don't push too hard.

  7. Don’t expect results right away.
    Meditation is about relaxing your agenda, just spending some time to get to know yourself. The benefits will not be immediately obvious.


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