Learn to communicate in a way that gets people to open up to you


  1. Ask “What are you working on?” instead of “What do you do?”
    A question such as “What do you do?” sounds like a stale marketing gimmick or social script. Most people simply answer this question out of memory and it doesn’t trigger any active engagement. But “What are you working on?” puts the other person at ease and they open up to you. This allows you to gain valuable information that you can use to create a valuable relationship. 
  2. Send cold emails using a format that gets attention
    When sending a cold email, start with a catchy subject line such as “A TEDx speaker and author looking to provide value.” Use the subject line to show the receiver that you’re not just some random person reaching out to them. Keep the body of your message short and be transparent with your motives. Be direct and offer a very specific call to action. For example, ask “Can we hop on a 10-minute call on Tuesday at 10am? I’m also available on this day and at this time.” Finally, have an email signature that touts your accomplishments e.g. “Entrepreneur and award-winning writer.”
  3. Engage in social media threads and posts
    You can inject yourself into a person’s comment section or thread and have conversations with others on social media. While there, share an interesting article or answer people’s questions with smart responses. You can also post an article on your platform and let it do your networking for you. Someone might reach out to you based on what you’ve written.   


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