Learn to apologize well.

Everyone makes mistakes, and everyone screws up sometimes. When this happens, know how to apologize well.


  1. Get into the right mental state—forgive yourself.
    Yes, that’s right. This way you will avoid being too apologetic, subservient, or insecure.

  2. Let the person hear remorse from your voice and your body.
    The greater the offense, the more you should strive for a personal touch.

  3. Hear the other person out.
    Let them tell you what they want. Listen to them carefully and be fully present. This means pay attention while they are talking and don’t think about your answer.

  4. Activate goodwill.
    Come to the conversation with a mindset of, “Help me understand how you see things.”

  5. Apologize honestly.
    The apology can be as simple as, “I’m sorry.” If they are honest, it’s enough.


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