Learn the basic principles of marketing


  1. Build relationships with everyone
    Building a relationship with your client creates a sense of trust, worthiness, and loyalty. Even when a client doesn’t buy from you, if you build a relationship with them, they may consider your product or service someday.
  2. Be your authentic, unique self
    Authenticity drives uniqueness, and uniqueness sells. Plus, it sets you apart from the competition. 
  3. Unlearn everything you learn about marketing.
    Things that worked in the past don’t work today as the world around us has changed a lot. Focus on adopting the strategies of the current era instead of relying on old and outdated knowledge.
  4. Be an expert in your field.
    You can gain your knowledge and position yourself as an expert by doing local seminars. Once you have started to build a platform and a following, a great way to further position yourself as an expert is by doing teleseminars.
  5. Build trust with your customers
    Trust is one of the main drivers of the buying hierarchy. The higher the trust, the more likely it is that someone will do business with you. and this can be developed by engaging with them and delivering what they need from you.


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