Learn reframing situations

Reframing is one of the most powerful tools available to us. It allows us to choose the meaning of each situation. By using this tool, you can communicate with yourself and with others to produce desirable results in your life.


  1. Consider the situations below. Do they seem bad to you?
    I. My boss comments on everything I do.
    II. This year I paid much more in income tax than the year before.
    III. I don’t have enough money to buy expensive gifts for Christmas.
    IV. Every time I’m close to succeeding, I sabotage it.
    V. My girlfriend broke up with me.

  2. Now try to find the good aspects of the situations.
    I. My work is important to my boss. He wants to add value to it. If I were a bad worker, he would fire me.
    II. I earned more money this year.
    III. Maybe this year I will create handmade gifts.
    IV. It is good that I am finally aware of the pattern. Now I can work on it and change it.
    V. I have spent wonderful times with her. I have beautiful memories of our relationship. I know what to change in myself to avoid similar mistakes, and I know that I can build a great relationship with someone new.

  3. Now think of three situations from your life that have a negative meaning for you or challenge you.
    Try to reframe the situations into positive ones. Think of many points of view for each situation. Can you learn something by viewing them in a different way? How do you feel seeing these situations in a positive way? If you don’t feel the difference—change the frame.


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