Learn how to retain important information

Receiving a ton of information is useless if you forget most of it. Proceduralizing tasks and practising them until they’re above and beyond perfect will help cement them in your mind.


  1. Space your study sessions out appropriately
    You don’t want your study sessions too close to each other or you will feel burnt out fast. You also don’t want them to be too far apart or you’ll forget everything you’ve learned during the break.

  2. Proceduralize what you can
    Proceduralizing a skill, or a specific aspect of one, refers to being able to do it on autopilot. Keep in mind that not all tasks can be proceduralized, and some may be able to be partially proceduralized

  3. Practice until you’re perfect - and then practice some more
    This is especially useful for core aspects of a skill. When you practice and overlearn a skill, it will practically become a habit.


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