Learn how to forgive


  1. Find a quiet place to relax.
    Before starting, find a quiet place to relax. Shut your eyes and quiet your mind to access your subconscious.

  2. Think about the person you want to forgive.
    Consider what made you angry in the first place. It is important to bring up the resentments and hold them for a while before letting them go.

  3. Tell yourself that you forgive the person.
    Tell yourself that you fully forgive the person for what they have done. Say “I am free, and they are free.” Think about the feeling of relief you will have, knowing that you are both released from resentment.

  4. Wish that person well.
    Whenever you think of that person in the future, wish them well in all that they do. This will stop the resentment from creeping back in.


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