Discard the items you no longer need in order to reduce clutter.

Clutter is largely composed of items you have been saving for the off chance that you may need them someday. Of course, that day of need never comes, does it? Discard all these items and only keep those that you truly need, and your house will be clutter-free!


  1. For each item you own, decide whether you need it or not.
    Ask yourself, “Do I want to keep this?” If you need it, find a place for it. If you don’t, discard it. Do not store anything for the off chance that you may need it someday.

  2. Sort your items by category, not by location.
    Instead of moving from bedroom to bathroom to living room and sorting the items in each room, move from clothes to jewelry to letters.

  3. If you live with others, clean up your own items before tackling theirs.
    You may realize that by taking the first step to de-clutter your home by discarding all of your unnecessary clutter, you will likely give the other members of your household the drive to do the same.

  4. Sort your items alone.


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