Learn how to build good judgment for your decision-making


  1. Schedule time every week for clear thinking
    Schedule a day or two every week to just sit and think. On such days, avoid meetings or any kind of busy work. Use this free time to allow your mind to roam. You may come up with some great ideas and solutions for your business.

  2. Shed your identity to see reality for what it truly is
    Get into the habit of regularly detaching from your ego and questioning your habits. For example, you can say, “This is a habit I developed as a child trying to get my mother’s attention. I’ve reinforced it over the years and now it’s part of my identity. But does it still serve me? Is it helping me accomplish my goals?”

  3. Find and utilize mental models when making decisions
    Find mental models based on other people’s experiences - for example, Charles Munger has great mental models for investing. When you’re struggling to answer a question such as “Should I buy this house” or “Should I take this job?” then the right answer is probably No. Finally, always choose the path that requires short-term pain but has long-term gain in future.

  4. Develop a love for reading books
    Make a habit of reading a lot of science, math and philosophy books. Do this for at least one hour daily. Identify books that resonate strongly with you, absorb the knowledge, and then share what you’ve learned with others. Explaining a concept to others forces you to internalize and master the information.


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