Invest in yourself


  1. Invest time, money, and effort in improving your skills.
    Do this irrespective of your level of formal education.

  2. Learn totally new skills.
    For example, if you were trained as an engineer but you later start developing an interest in copywriting, start investing time to learn it.

  3. Settle for things you are good at, have a talent for, and then hone your skills in those areas.
    For example, if you love painting and can paint fairly well, you can consider taking online courses and programs to become a professional painter.

  4. Fake it until you make it.
    Adopt the mindset, attitude, and behavior of successful people. After all, their strategies clearly work.

  5. Position yourself in a way that doesn’t come off as desperate.
    For instance, you wouldn’t want to make yourself needy and at the beck and call of your customers and prospects.

  6. Accept failure as part of the growing process.
    Some of the most successful people have failed over and over in the past. However, they kept honing their craft and adapting to changes, and eventually achieved success.


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