Launch your Minimum Viable Solution (MVS).

One very important thing in modern entrepreneurship is to launch your MVS as soon as possible, learn from early customers, and iterate as often as possible. Companies often create advanced and complicated products with lots of features that no one needs.

Stay lean. Keep it simple. Launch early.


  1. Design your MVS.
    Think of a solution that will only have the essential elements—only core functionality.

  2. Prototype your MVS.
    Make a prototype so you can get feedback from prospective customers and partners. You can do this by creating mockups, video tours, blueprints, and so on. During this stage, you don’t need a working solution.

  3. Test your MVS on prelaunch.
    Get feedback in order to decide if you should continue developing your MVS or not. In this phase, you can experiment with pricing, sales channels, marketing, and solution delivery.

  4. Launch your MVS.
    In this phase, you publicly announce your solution. Your learning continues here.


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