Investigate the lives of people you admire so you understand how they became successful and how you can do the same.

Marc Andreessen, a legendary figure in Silicon and cofounder of Netscape, encourages everyone to stop overestimating successful people. He insists that we do some research on our heroes' lives to expose the myths we surround them with. Once you see that the people you have on pedestals are not vastly different from you, life feels full of possibilities. You have influence over your life, you can change and create. You are just like them. What are you waiting for?


  1. List three high achievers you admire from the past or present.
    These should be successful people who created things or moved the world forward.

  2. Do some research about their lives.
    Find out what they were like and what their lives were like.

  3. Recognize the similarities between you and them!
    Everyone has ups and downs, wins and losses, strengths and weaknesses.


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