Stay focused as you keep working hard


  1. Be comfortable with cutting back, letting go, or losing something for a period of time at the start of your journey.
    For example, you may operate your business for the first three years at a loss (no profits) but this doesn’t mean your business will not eventually pick up.

  2. Take calculated risks.
    For example, keep your fears aside and decide to invest in a cryptocurrency you have researched well.

  3. Learn to embrace failures.
    Failure simply means you have given yourself an opportunity to learn and do better next time.

  4. Show up every day no matter how difficult things are.
    Remember, you have made a commitment to serve your audience and clients, irrespective of your needs.

  5. Detach yourself from the outcomes of the risks you take.
    Learn when to let go, but keep working hard and believing things will get better.


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