Inflict pain on your target to create an erotic dynamic.

Mixing pleasure with pain will create a low after which the high feels higher. Be careful, however, not to inflict pain on people with past hurts and trauma as they have already experienced enough pain.


  1. Make your target feel guilty and insecure.
    Consider playing them to get past the surface. Lure them in with focused attention. Then change direction to appear suddenly uninterested.

  2. Give your target the impression you are leaving them.
    Subject them to emptiness and pain by impelling a breakup. Create momentum so after the feeling of pain, you can make up, apologize, and return to your earlier kindness. These dynamics will intoxicate them.

  3. Avoid inflicting pain on people who have experienced trauma.
    People who have experienced pain in the past have already had enough. You should seduce people with past trauma by surrounding them with pleasure.


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