Increase your luck by taking action


  1. Be prepared.
    Take the necessary steps to equip yourself with the skills and knowledge needed to be successful. This could include taking classes, reading books, and networking with people in the same field.
  2. Take risks.
    Don't be afraid to try new things and take risks. Doing so can lead to new opportunities and experiences.
  3. Work hard.
    Put in the effort to make your own luck. Remember that hard work and dedication are essential for success.
  4. Be persistent.
    Persevere in the face of adversity. Don't give up when things get tough.
  5. Take advantage of opportunities.
    When opportunities come your way, take advantage of them. Don't let them pass you by.
  6. Trust your intuition.
    People who trust their guts and instincts are luckier than those who ignore them. Such feelings can serve as alarm bells while the unlucky person ignores their intuition and instead thinks about things too rationally.
  7. Stay positive.
    Believe in yourself and your abilities. Stay positive, and don't let negative thoughts take over.


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