Increase your daily calorie expenditure by increasing your NEAT

By increasing your NEAT you can lose more fat over time. Increasing the amount of activity other than exercise is easier and more sustainable for most people than increasing the time used for exercising. There is also a smaller chance of injuries in NEAT.


  1. Practice small habits that fall under the NEAT category
    For example, you could:

    • Take the stairs instead of an elevator
    • Make your bed every morning
    • Stand for at least some of the time you would otherwise spend sitting - go for a short walk every few hours, or get a standing, adjustable desk.
      Essentially, make these activities part of your daily habits to become more physically
      Active overall.
  2. Start tracking your daily activity level on an app
    Although apps may not track the calories you spend during the day accurately, they are an excellent tool to make sure you stay active.

  3. Create your own “tool belt” for fat loss
    Identify what is most effective for you. For example, you could increase your NEAT and track it on an app, track your meals on an app, do an extra session in the gym, restrict calories for a short period of time to make up for a big social occasion, etc. .

  4. Use your time productively and learn something by your computer while eating
    Learn something related to your hobbies or other interests, or something new entirely. Doing this will allow you to gain the most use of your time. Remember, dieting is just one aspect of your life - don’t neglect the rest!


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