Build familiarity with your prospects


  1. Consistently engage with your prospects. Regularly reach out to your prospects through calls, emails, meetings, etc. This creates a sense of familiarity, making you more recognizable to them and their gatekeepers.
  2. Generate customer referrals systematically.
    Rather than merely asking, devise a systematic approach to garner referrals. It can include providing exceptional service that would incentivize your customers to refer you, educating your personal connections about your ideal prospects, and regularly reminding them about your business.
  3. Build and maintain professional relationships.
    Form partnerships with professionals in your industry or related fields. These relationships can bring you valuable referrals and expand your network, giving you access to more potential prospects.
  4. Attend local networking events.
    Look for networking opportunities in your community or area. Attend events, conferences, or trade shows where your prospects and customers are frequently present. After these events, follow up by sending handwritten notes referring to your conversations. Send LinkedIn connection requests and keep track of leads in your CRM for further action.
  5. Make your brand familiar. If you work for a well-known company, take advantage of its marketing efforts to start conversations and set appointments. It will help people recognize your brand and generate leads. If you work for a smaller company, contribute to building the brand. Write blogs, be active on social media, create podcasts, and host webinars to spread the word about your company.
  6. Strengthen your personal branding. Put effort into improving your personal recognition, expertise, and reputation. Be active on social networks, write and share relevant content, and speak at public events regularly. Look for opportunities to speak at events organized by business and civic groups, trade organizations, or even within your own company. This boosts your visibility, credibility, and personal brand, making you more familiar to your prospects.


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