Increase your awareness of your tendencies


  1. Write a list of things that you consider to be most precious.
    This includes the things you like, long for, or love, like a particular food, your phone, alcohol, a loved one, or watching TV.
  2. Choose one and start transforming it by waiting before you indulge.
    Wait consciously for a few moments before you engage in that activity or interaction.
  3. Notice the intensity of the pangs you go through when you stay away or delay.
    This tells you about the nature and depth of your vasana.
  4. Gradually increase the amount of time before you indulge in your tendency.
    The two minutes of waiting for a meal could be extended for two hours or an entire day.
  5. Acknowledge the beginning of a tremendous inner shift.
    Compulsiveness is behavioral, and the moment you wait before you engage in a compulsion, you align yourself with the conscious nature of existence. Over time, this helps weaken the compulsive nature of your behavior. 


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