Perform high-quality leisure activities to increase your social interaction and happiness.

By incorporating these practices into your life, you will discover high-quality leisure activities that you enjoy. You will gain a new sense of self-realization and a renewed sense of happiness.


  1. Practice fixing or building something every week.
    Pick a new skill every six weeks and practice it regularly. Start with easy skills that will benefit you, such as installing ceiling lights. Choose small projects and increase the difficulty as you go—look up tutorials on YouTube.

  2. Schedule time to use low-quality leisure activities.
    Schedule time in your day to use low-quality leisure activities such as Facebook and Netflix. Only use them during the allocated time.
    There are two reasons this works. First, by confining your low-quality leisure activities to a specific time, you will have more time to explore high-quality leisure activities. Second, it does not ask you to neglect low-quality diversions.

  3. Join social organizations.
    You will meet a lot of interesting people and productively spend your time.

  4. Plan your end goal.
    Lay out a vision of what you are trying to accomplish. Come up with a plan to achieve your goals. Identify the habits and behaviors you need to make your vision come true. Include an incentive so that you stick with it.

  5. Plan weekly leisure activities that will lead you to your end goal.
    Review your end goal. Plan how you will fit your habits and behaviors into your week. Schedule a time to practice each habit and behavior for each objective.


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