Improve yourself a little every day


  1. Reflect on a past conflict
    Think of a recent conflict that you had with a loved one and acknowledge one way in which your behavior might not have been the best. You might have gotten rude, insensitive, or even inconsistent with your principles at some point.

  2. Apologize for your contribution to the conflict
    Once you have acknowledged your fault which contributed to the conflict, it will provide the basis for a heartfelt apology. You could say, “I should not have done X and I can see why you felt Y.” The other person will feel the urge to reciprocate, and the conflict will disappear.

  3. Practice meditation and cognitive therapy to keep improving yourself
    Meditation will make you less reactive to the ups and downs of life, while cognitive therapy encourages you to look at problems from different perspectives.

  4. Accept that you might be wrong sometimes
    Acknowledging that you might not have a position that is objectively correct will help you think more critically and objectively about different problems, situations, and beliefs


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