Improve your levels of health and energy.

Your physical health and energy levels have a huge impact on your productivity: When your health and energy are high, you can get up to five times as much done as when you are tired and fatigued.


  1. Reflect on your current health and energy levels.
    Are you getting enough sleep? Are you eating nutritious enough food?

  2. Resolve to improve these levels of health and energy.
    Ask yourself the following questions: “What am I doing physically that I should do more or less of? What am I not doing that I should start doing, if I want to perform at my best? What am I doing today that affects my health negatively that I should stop doing altogether?”

  3. Pick one activity or behavior that you can change immediately to improve your health and energy.
    Practice the new activity or behavior until it becomes a habit. Then, pick another activity or behavior and change it, and so on.

  4. Take regular breaks and vacations.
    Create zones of silence during your day-to-day activities, in which you turn off all technology for one hour in the morning and afternoon. Take one full day off weekly when you refuse to do anything work-related. Turn off all communication devices during this day as well, and spend that day doing relaxing things to recharge your brain. Additionally, take regular vacations every year to rest and rejuvenate.


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