Improve all the aspects of your life


  1. Remove sources of noise around you
    For example, If you live in a house situated on a busy street, chances are that the variable and intermittent noise of engines and clamor interferes with your concentration and increases stress. It is important to remove this noise to improve your life’s conditions and ultimately become happier.

  2. Improve your commute to work
    For example, you could listen to an audiobook to keep you occupied with something interesting. Studies have shown that people never fully adapt to long commutes and bad traffic conditions result in higher levels of stress hormones.

  3. Improve your relationships
    Whether you have a strained relationship with your spouse or an annoying co-worker, you can improve it. Think about the conflict from the perspective of the other person, acknowledge your mistakes, and apologize.

  4. Meditate and become less emotionally attached to your things
    Meditating weakens and eliminates attachments to worldly pleasures. Look inward to identify your flaws and biases.


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