Be pragmatic when making a decision


  1. Examine your mental shortcuts.
    Reflect on the decisions you've made recently. What mental shortcuts did you use? Did you follow the crowd, rely on past successes, or choose the familiar path? Then, examine the outcomes: Have these shortcuts consistently led to good results, or have they sometimes kept you from better opportunities?
  2. Assess the real-world impact of your choices.
    For each decision you face, evaluate its potential long-term impact on your life. Consider both the immediate and future consequences. Ask yourself, “How will this decision affect my daily life, my goals, and my overall happiness? Is this the outcome I want for myself?"
  3. Review the outcomes of your decisions.
    Regularly set aside time to reflect on the outcomes of your decisions. Ask yourself, "Did this decision bring me closer to my goals? What did I learn from this experience?” You may also keep a journal for easier tracking of these decisions.


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