If you’re Focused, create a list for your area of focus at work


  1. Get a pen and paper. 
  2. Write down your current job and the field you’re in. 
  3. Write down the list of work-related tasks that fall under your area of focus.
    For example, if you are a secretary. Your area of focus is only to do the tasks related to your position, such as writing emails, scheduling meetings, etc. 
  4. Post it somewhere in your workplace where you can always see it.
    Use it as a reminder to focus only on what matters to you, especially in work-related tasks. 
  5. Every time there is a task or project offered to you, go back to your area of focus list and check whether the task is included in your list. 
  6. If the task or project falls under the area of your focus, accept it and include it in your to-do list.
    However, if the task is not included in your area of focus, gracefully reject it. Make sure to explain your reason so the person who offered the project will understand.
  7. Continue doing the tasks listed under your area of focus.
    Give your full attention to them. 


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