If you’re a communicator, recite a story to a friend and request their feedback


  1. Get an envelope. Label it as your “Story Collections.”
  2. Collect stories or articles that resonate with you.
    For example, cut out magazine articles that moved you the first time you read them. 
  3. Put your collected stories in the envelope. 
  4. Choose one story to read out loud each week.
    You may also schedule in advance when to read the remaining stories in your envelope. 
  5. Invite a friend to listen to you as you tell them the story aloud. 
  6. While telling the story, pay close attention to the reaction of your friend.
    Observe what parts of your performance caught their attention and what did not. 
  7. Ask for feedback every after you finish telling a story.
    Make sure that you take notes so you will not forget anything. 
  8. Incorporate each feedback to improve your communication strength.
    This is one of the best ways to maximize your ability to communicate with people. 


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