Identify your strengths to select a suitable career


  1. Take a strengths test to identify your strengths
    A strengths test will help you identify the strengths and skills you are good at. Try the test at

  2. Work on one of your strengths - which will, in turn, help you eliminate your weaknesses
    Let’s say one of your strengths is to love others fiercely, but you find it difficult to forgive them when they have wronged you. Whenever you find yourself thinking about someone you haven’t forgiven, draw on your strength of loving. Think of the positive memories about the person.

  3. Choose a career that allows you to use your strengths every day
    If you can engage your strengths, your work will become more gratifying, allowing you to shift into a more positive mindset. For example, if your strengths are kindness, loving, and emotional intelligence, you could pursue a medical career or perhaps work in a hospital.


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