Identify your Golden Behaviors and focus on them to create positive change in your life


  1. Write your aspiration down
    If you can’t think of anything, write something as simple as ‘reduce my stress.’

  2. Write down ten specific behaviors that would lead you to your aspiration
    For example: Instead of “Play with my dog” as a way to reduce stress, make it specific by saying “Play fetch with my dog each evening at home.”

  3. Put a star beside five behaviors that would be highly effective
    Don’t think about feasibility. Simply focus on the impact that these behaviors would have on your aspirations.

  4. Circle the behaviours that are both effective and simple to practice
    Be realistic. Does thinking about doing this behavior fill you with energy and excitement or cause you to grimace and feel dread?

  5. Highlight the behaviors that have both a star and a circle
    These are your Golden Behaviors – they are easy to do and will have a big impact on reaching your aspiration.

  6. Take action and implement your Golden Behaviors in your life!
    Start acting on your list. You may have to experiment with a few different techniques before you find what works for you - remember to keep it simple!


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