Identify your fears and confront them


  1. Confront any fears you have in your life
    Write down a list of things you want to pursue and identify a tangible fear associated with that desire. Write down how you will confront that specific fear. Then take a small step toward facing that fear. For example, do you want to go back to school? Start your own business? Quit your unsatisfying job? Ask for a promotion? Pursue a hobby?
  2. Define what you need to do to achieve your desired life
    Come up with a list of clear steps you can take today to achieve the goals you defined in step 1.
  3. Examine your need for perfection
    Pick one thing you’ve always wanted to do (e.g. write a book or start a business) and ask yourself: If I knew in advance that this endeavor would be a success, would I hesitate to do it? Would this knowledge set me free from the belief that I have to do it perfectly? What risks would I be willing to take if I knew ahead of time that I couldn’t fail?  


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