Identify where you want to work.

This action will help you figure out where your passion lies, so you can pursue a job that supports that passion.


  1. Find out what careers support your interests.
    Choose three fields you would like to work in (for example, gardening, carpentry, psychology, etc.). Then, identify five transferable skills that you have. Write all these down on a piece of paper. Then, ask at least five other people for their opinion on what types of jobs you should pursue based on these fields and skills - write these down too.

  2. Identify which suggested jobs you would enjoy, and do some research on them.
    Circle the jobs that stand out to you. Then, look for people who are currently doing that job/a similar one, and ask them about it. Find out their motivations behind doing the job, what they like most and least about it, how much training is required to do the job, etc.

  3. If you decide the job would not be a good fit for you, try to look for a similar one.
    Look for a job that requires similar skills, or, go into a shadow profession. A shadow profession requires less training, for example, instead of becoming a lawyer, you can go into paralegal work. Instead of becoming a doctor, you can go into paramedical work.

  4. Identify the type of organizations that have the job you desire.
    For example, if you want to be a teacher, you could find work at schools, corporate training, and education departments, private research firms, military bases, etc.

  5. Identify specific companies that you could work at.
    Do online research, ask friends and family for their opinions, etc. Make a list of ten companies.

  6. Research the companies on your list before formally approaching them.
    Remember, companies love to be loved, so demonstrate you love them by finding out all about them before walking in. Researching companies beforehand will also help you determine whether YOU want to work there.


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