Identify what ails your life and start facing it


  1. Become aware of your irrational fears and their corresponding unmet need.
    Maybe you struggle with abstract fears such as appearing unintelligent, committing to a relationship, or having your boundaries violated. First, understand that your abstract fears are a projection of an unmet need. Once you’ve identified the unmet need, resolve it by finding ways to regain power over your life. 
  2. Challenge your existing limiting beliefs and adopt new ones.
    If you often sabotage your efforts to become financially stable, start questioning your concept of money. How did your parents handle money? What stories did they tell you about rich versus poor people? If they told you that all rich people are evil, then focus on examples of wealthy people benefiting their communities. Questioning your beliefs can help you see how illogical most of them are. 
  3. Take full accountability for your life to get out of denial.
    Embrace radical honesty and admit to yourself that you’re not happy with your life. Write down every area of your life you’re unhappy with on a piece of paper and the specific problems you face in each area. For example, if you’re struggling financially, write down every debt, bill asset, and income you have. If you’re struggling with self-image, write down precisely what you dislike about yourself and why.
  4. Accept that change can only come from within you and not the world.
    If you’re fed up with not living your ideal life, allow yourself to feel the anger and frustration. If you feel like screaming, do it. Then channel that rage toward yourself and start making changes to your life. Develop tunnel vision and focus on getting yourself out of the hole you’re in.


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