Identify vital aspects of your business


  1. Focus and write down the core aspect of your business and ask yourself: ‘how can I get two times the results for half the effort?’
    Pick one component first, and then do this for every other component that makes up your business.

  2. Identify your weakest clients.
    Weak clients are those who don’t pay on time, always complain and demand a price reduction.

  3. Politely end relationships with weak clients.
    Removing your unprofitable clients will reduce stress and increase profitability. Profit is about percentages, not a single number.

  4. Identify your strong clients.
    Who are the clients you love working with, and who brings the most revenue?

  5. Focus and find more clients similar to your current strong clients.
    Marketing will become automatic. You already know what’s your core business and what you can offer.


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