Identify the tasks that you need to delegate


  1. List down all your tasks for the day.

  2. For each task, ask yourself, “Should I be doing this job at all?”
    This is a better question than asking yourself how to make your job simpler, easier and cheaper.

  3. If the task is important, but you think you should not do it, choose someone else to do the task.
    It could be someone in your organization or company as long as they’re a great fit for the job. You could also hire someone to do the work for you.

  4. Hand the task to the person by giving full and detailed instructions about it.
    You could also provide them with a document so they won’t forget anything.

  5. Go back to the tasks that you need to do and give your full focus to them.
    Try not to be bothered by the tasks you have delegated. Trust that the person assigned to the job will do their best.


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