Identify the right investors for your start-up


  1. Determine the value of your potential investor to you by asking the right questions.
    You may ask them questions like: What additional expertise can this investor bring to the table? Who can this investor introduce and connect me to? How solvent and flush is this investor? Is this investor looking to create shared success, or just take all they can? Do we share the same values and level of integrity? Are they asking for a large stock option pool? (This could suggest intentions to replace you.)
  2. Prepare for your pitch.
    Make sure you have the answers to the potential questions of the investors such as: What is the difference between you and your primary competitors? When will you break even? How much is revenue forecast to be this year and next year?
  3. Build rapport with the investor too.
    Don’t just talk about fundraising, ask them about their hobbies/interests, family, travel etc. Let them drive the conversation and practice active listening.


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