Identify the problems your customers face


  1. Identify the villain your business will defeat
    What is the chief source of conflict that your product defeats? It should be:

    • a root source, not a feeling;
    • relatable, they have to recognize him;
    • singular to keep clarity; and
    • real, not an exaggeration or a lie.
  2. Identify the external problems your brand resolves
    Is there one that seems to represent the widest range of your products?

  3. Identify the internal problems your customers feel
    Is there one that stands out as a universal experience for your customers? Think about how this relates to your brand.

  4. Identify the larger, more important story that your brand is part of
    Is there a philosophical wrong your brand stands against? Write it using terms like ought and shouldn’t. For example, “Bad people shouldn’t be allowed to win” or “People ought to be treated fairly.”


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