Identify the codependent relationships in your life


  1. Perform an emotional labor assessment of your personal and professional life.
    Examine your relationships and ask yourself: Does it always feel like I’m doing everything in this relationship? Do I wish that they would acknowledge my efforts? Do I often feel resentful and overwhelmed? Do I find myself taking responsibility for their problems? Do I always leave the interaction feeling depleted? Do I find it easier to do things myself than ask them to do them? Answering “Yes” to most of these questions means you’re putting in excess emotional labor.
  2. Identify which tasks to step back from.
    Write down a list of emotional and physical tasks that you feel are draining you. Then decide whether to delegate those tasks to the other person, such as your partner, colleague, or family member. Initiate a conversation and tell them that you’re stepping back from specific tasks that are their responsibility. This will create a more equitable relationship.


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