Identify and describe the inner conflict that keeps you from being productive.

Giving a name to the impulsive/negative version of your mind will make it easier to identify your detrimental habits as soon as you engage in them. You can then call on the wiser version of your mind and correct those habits so you can achieve your goal and be productive.

Pay special attention to what triggers your impulses. This will help you predict when you are going to feel an impulse before you even feel it! You can then remind yourself to stay on track with your goals.

Lastly, remembering that a lot of your impulses have been triggered by companies may make it easier for you to recognize and fight them. Furthermore, taking a one-day break from them can help you refocus your mind and see this ploys for what they are: mere money-making schemes.


  1. Identify what the impulsive or negative version of your mind wants and name this version.
    The impulsive/negative version of your mind refers to the thoughts you have that keep you from achieving what you want and/or need. For example, if you want to stop over-criticizing yourself but your mind keeps emphasizing on how you are a failure, name this version of your mind “the critic.”

  2. Identify what the wiser version of your mind wants or needs.
    What is the goal you are unable to achieve? If you don’t know what this goal could be, think about what your future self will need. What do you need to do to help your future self be better off?

  3. Whenever you face an inner conflict, call on the wiser version of your mind.
    The next time you find yourself giving into the impulsive/negative version of your mind and engaging in habits that keep you from being productive, call on the wiser version of your mind and remind yourself of your goal.

  4. Notice the thoughts, feelings and situations that prompt your impulses.
    What triggers your impulses? What do you think or say to yourself that makes it easier for you to give in to your impulses?

  5. Remember that retailers and marketers try to trigger these impulses in you.
    The next time you go to a store or watch an advertisement, be on the lookout for these purposefully placed triggers. Are there plenty of bright, colorful lights around expensive products? Are there attractive women on advertisements? All of these are marketing ploys to get you to fall prey to temptation.
    If you still fall prey to these marketing schemes, take a 24-hour break from them! Turn the TV off and stay away from websites that can trigger you for one day.


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