Identify and change your sub-modalities.

Manipulating your sub-modalities will help you prime your mind toward success.


  1. Identify your sub-modalities.
    Sub-modalities refer to specific elements of pictures, sounds, or other sensations that directly control your emotions. To identify yours, think about a memory and manipulate the visual, auditory, and kinesthetic aspects of it in your mind. Which one affects your emotional intensity the most? That is your sub-modality.
    For example, if you focus on visual modalities, a memory with brightly colored objects can trigger happiness in you. If you focus on auditory modalities, a memory with loud, noisy music can trigger irritation.

  2. Use your sub-modalities to help you.
    Focus on manipulating your sub-modalities to help you achieve success. For example, if you focus on visual modalities, and you are given a difficult task to complete, simply picture yourself completing the task.


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