Abstain from pleasure to form healthy habits


  1. Identify the behavior or indulgence that you want to abstain from in order to achieve your goals. This could be anything from limiting social media use to cutting out junk food.
  2. **Determine what works for you: abstaining or being a moderator? Consider your personal strengths and weaknesses when it comes to moderation. If you think you find moderation difficult, consider adopting an all-or-nothing approach to abstaining. This means completely cutting out the behavior or indulgence instead of trying to moderate it. Alternatively, if you find abstaining too restrictive, adopt a moderate approach to abstaining. This means indulging in the behavior moderately rather than completely cutting it out.
  3. Set realistic goals for abstaining from the behavior or indulgence.
    Determine how much of the behavior or indulgence you need to abstain from in order to make progress. For example, you may decide to completely abstain from junk food or limit your social media use to a certain amount of time per day. Set achievable goals that will help you stay motivated and on track.
  4. Practice self-control and focus on your goals.
    Remember why you decided to abstain from the behavior or indulgence, and keep that in mind when faced with temptation. Practice self-control and remind yourself of the benefits you will reap by forming healthy habits.


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