Master a skill with deliberate practice


  1. ** Keep a positive attitude.**
    Everyone messes up—mistakes shouldn’t keep you from trying again and again to perfect your skills. Always aim to do better. Don’t look back with annoyance or unhappiness; instead, look forward with the desire to grow.
  2. ** Identify which aspect of your performance you wish to improve and set your stretch goal for it.**
    Make sure this aspect is as narrow as possible so you can focus all your energy on one thing. Then, set your “stretch goal” for this aspect, i.e., what you hope to achieve.
  3. ** Look for feedback.**
    Get feedback on your performance, especially the aspect that you’re trying to improve. An objective, third-party point of view will be extremely helpful when it comes to self-improvement. Don’t get discouraged by negative feedback; it’s all part of the learning process!
  4. ** Repeat steps one through three for every aspect of your performance.**
    Keep isolating and perfecting each and every aspect of your performance, and it will reach perfection.


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