Build a visionary company incrementally


  1. Set a goal to create a successful business.
    Aim to build a company that is well-run and provides value to customers.
  2. Research the market potential of a product or service.
    Investigate the market to understand the needs of the customers and the potential of the product or service.
  3. Create a business plan.
    Develop a plan outlining the goals, strategies, and resources needed to succeed.
  4. Focus on the company itself rather than the products or services it offers.
    What are the traits that can make your company successful? Prioritize the company over the products or services it offers.
  5. Be determined.
    Don't give up on the company, even if the idea fails. Keep trying and experimenting until one figures out how to build an innovative company that expresses its core values and earns a sustained reputation for great products.


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