Help your upset child with physical activity.

Physical activity gives your child an outlet for their anger/frustration. By allowing them to express their emotions in a healthy way, you are also giving them a way to calm themselves down.


  1. *Encourage your child to draw how they feel.*
    When your kid is throwing a temper tantrum, give them a piece of paper and a pencil and tell them to draw exactly what they feel.

  2. *Let them scribble it out.*
    They may draw nothing but angry scribbles, or they may go through four or five sheets of paper, but that’s okay.

  3. *Help them draw how they feel by drawing their feelings yourself.*
    This works best as a pre-emptive strike—if you see your child begin to get angry and frustrated, grab a piece of paper and a crayon and start to draw angry zig-zag lines. Ask them if that is how they feel, and prompt them to draw more and show you how they feel.

  4. *Acknowledge their angry feelings.*
    Tell your child that you can see they are angry. Validate their feelings.


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