Have a conversation with your future self and implement the actionable advice immediately.

Shay Carl’s SHAYTARDS channel now has roughly 2.5 billion views. He co-founded Maker Studios, which sold to Disney for nearly $1 billion. Shay Carl and Tim Ferriss came up with this exercise and were amazed at how incredibly helpful it is. You get a lot of specific, actionable advice, and when you follow your advice, you’re going to grow exponentially faster than you would have otherwise.


  1. Imagine having a conversation with a 10-year-older version of yourself.

  2. Ask yourself, “What would I probably tell myself as an older version of myself?”
    You will be amazed at the wisdom.

  3. Write the advice down so that you can refer to it.

  4. Now start following the advice!
    Start acting on the advice. Don’t make excuses.


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