Train your memory


  1. Train your muscle memory. Select ten specific movements or actions. Repeat the sequence five times on the first day, four times on the second day, three times on the third day, two times on the fourth day, and once on the fifth day. Then, take a one-week break from physically performing the sequence, but visualize and mentally rehearse it during that time. After the break, start with the first move and let your body continue the sequence without actively thinking about the next steps. You'll be surprised by how much you or your muscles remember!
  2. Uncover memories through photographs. Choose a family picture or any photo that holds significance for you. Study the image closely and identify elements that are undeniably similar to your current life and the person you've become. Take note of what vaguely resembles your life and what seems unrelated or lacks memorable associations. Reflect on what turned out to be the opposite of what is depicted in the photo, and try to explain the reasons behind these different outcomes. Pay attention to the people and events that come to mind as you examine the photo. Recall the faces of relatives, friends, teachers, neighbors, or even pets that appear in your thoughts without any prompting. Reflect on when you last thought about these people and cherish the memories that resurface during this exercise.


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