Harness resource dependence for disruptive tech success


  1. Incorporate independent organizations into a different value network.
    Construct a distinct organization that relies on the appropriate customers for survival.
  2. Leverage the powerful forces of resource dependence.
    Utilize the forces of resource dependence to succeed with disruptive technologies.
  3. Form an autonomous organization.
    Establish a separate organization that is free to acquire components from any source, sell through its channels, and develop a cost structure that meets the technological and competitive needs of disruptive technology.
  4. Invest in disruptive discounting.
    Allocate resources to invest in disruptive discounting while maintaining improvements in technology, capacity, and facilities in the core business.
  5. Monitor performance.
    Monitor the performance of the disruptive business to make sure it is meeting the desired profit model.
  6. Adapt to the changing environment.
    Continuously monitor the environment and make changes to the organization to ensure it remains competitive.


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